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Discharge circuits

Capacitor charging module isn't the only module needed for flashlamp pumping organizing. A capacitor bank, as well as a device for running down the flashlamp pumping energy accumulated in this battery are also needed. Such a device is usually called the discharge circuit.

We offer a few IGBT-based discharge circuits for operating with the partial (or incomplete) discharge:

Standard products (*)

NBU-1012 discharge circuit (quasi-rectangular pulse shape)
NBU-1012 discharge circuit

NBU-1012 is a general-purpose discharge circuit. It forms on the flashlamp the square pulses with the characteristics as follows:

  • flashlamp voltage - up to 1000 V
  • flashlamp current - up to 1000 A
  • pulse width - up to 100 ms

NBU-1012 includes also a built-in simmer supply module and all the neccessary flashlamp triggering circuits.

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New products (*)

NBZ-1012 discharge circuit (true-rectangular pulse shape)
NBZ-1012 discharge circuit

NBZ-1012 is a discharge circuit with PDM (pulse duration modulation) technique implemented. The typical usage is a very long pulse organizing, where the usage of a standard NBU-1012 circuit leads to enormously large dimensions of the capacitor bank.

Further information is available on request.

Discontinued products (*)

NBD-1012 discharge circuit (quasi-rectangular pulse shape)
NBD-1012 discharge circuit

NBD-1012 is a discharge circuit of extended functionality. It is used for the tasks where NBU-1012 circuit doesn't cope with.

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NBU-0405 discharge circuit (quasi-rectangular pulse shape)
NBU-0405 discharge circuit

NBU-0405 discharge circuit is especially designed for operation in compact onboard Nd:YAG based laser systems such as rangefinders.

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(*) Disclaimer:
Standard products - available in any q-ty, any time, with good quality;
New products - available in any q-ty, lead time isn't very good, failure rate may be higher than industry standard because of possible "infant diseases";
Discontinued products - available in the case of strong interest only, terms and conditions are discussable;

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