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Flashlamp drivers

FLD-2U pulsed flashlamp driver


  • Flashlamp pumping


  • pulsed, variable pulse width
  • partial discharge
  • up to 1.75 kW output power
  • up to 900 V max. output voltage
  • Pockels cell driver as an option
FLD-2U flashlamp driver (laser power supply)
 Download PDF user manual


FLD-2U is a family of flashlamp drivers (syn. laser power supplies) for pulsed flashlamp pumped solid-state lasers such as Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Alexandrite etc.

Module's input is 230VAC mains, module's output is flashlamp.
Discharge type is partial, pulse shape is "quasi-rectangular". Complete discharge with bell-shaped pulses is available as an option.

A lot of options is available:

  • different output voltages (up to 900V)
  • different output powers (up to 1750W)
  • different parameters adjustment ranges
  • external/internal triggering
  • Pockels cell driver as an option

 How to order?

1. Download the user manual, fill the third page, e-mail it to us
or 2. Select one of typical configurations below (example: FLD-2U-TYPE-2)
or 3. Compose and e-mail to us your own specification

 Typical configurations

  Type-1 Type-2 Type-3 Type-4 Type-5
Max. output power, kW 1.0 1.75 1.0 1.75 1.75
Max. output voltage, V 450 700
Capacitor battery, uF 14 000 3 000
Voltage, V 1 100-450 100-700
Pulse width, ms 1 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.35 0.05-0.35 0.05-0.5
Repetition rate, Hz 1 1-30 1-50 1-30 1-50 1-50
Synchro delay, ms 0-0.5
Triggering type serial
Pockels cell driver - QBD-5020-DN -
1 These parameters aren't indepenent and cannot achieve their maximum at the same time... See Limitations section of the user manual for further explanations...

 Predefined, non-variable characteristics

Voltage 230 VAC, single phase
Output type Pulsed, variable pulse width
partial discharge, quasi-rectangular pulse shape
User interface Simple (switches, buttons, LED indicators)
Protection overvoltage, overheating,
flashlamp breakdown, interlock etc
Cooling Forced air (built-in fans)
Simmer supply SBZ-2008
Capacitor charger PCP-17
Operation temperature 0 : +40 C
Storage temperature -20 : +60 C
Humidity 90%, non-condensing
Size (LxWxH) 483x350x88 mm
Weight about 6 kg
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