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Capacitor chargers

PCA-10 capacitor charging module


  • Capacitor charging


  • 1000 W average output power
  • Up to 2000 V output voltage
  • Dual 110 VAC and 230 VAC input
  • Full medical compliance
  • Parallel operation
  • Low cost
PCA-10 capacitor charging module
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 How to order?

1. PCA-10 charging supply is developed for the use in pumping systems of flashlamp-pumped solid-state laser devices.

2. The output power of the supply is 700 W, so it is the best for use in laser systems of medium power. In other respects PCA-10 is a clone of its brother, PCA-20.

3. Like PCA-20, PCA-10 is a medical charging supply developed especially for use in medical laser equipment. All the device parameters meet the latest versions of medical standards requirements: IEC 60601 for electrical safety, IEC 61000-3-2 for active power factor correction (PFC) and EN 55011 / CISPR 11 Class A safety requirements for EMI and leakage current.

And so the supply may be used in different kinds of medical devices without any additional filtration and safety measures.


Voltage from 90 to 254 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current < 10 A
Average Output Power 700 W @ 110 VAC mains
1000 W @ 230 VAC mains
Max. Output Voltage up to 2000 V
Modifications Partial discharge modification,
complete discharge modification
Voltage Regulation 1% typical
Efficiency More than 80%
PFC coefficient > 0.98 (Active)
Leakage current < 200 uA
Safety Approval IEC60950, IEC60601-1
Isolation of Power Mains to Chassis 4000 VAC
EMC Approval EN55011 (ClassA)
Protection HV arc to ground during operation
Turn on with open circuit
Turn on with short circuit
Shut down on over-temperature
over-voltage and open interlock
Cooling Forced Air (Built-In Fan)
Operation temperature 10 C to 40 C
Storage temperature -20 C to 60 C
Humidity 90%, non-condensing
Size (LxWxH) 176x118x122 mm

 How to order?

Model * Description
PCA-10-300V-PD Partial discharge modification,
maximal output voltage is 300V
PCA-10-500V-PD Partial discharge modification,
maximal output voltage is 500V
PCA-10-700V-PD Partial discharge modification,
maximal output voltage is 700V
PCA-10-1000V-PD Partial discharge modification,
maximal output voltage is 1000V
PCA-10-1000V-CD Complete discharge modification,
maximal output voltage is 1000V
PCA-10-1500V-CD Complete discharge modification,
maximal output voltage is 1500V
* other maximal output voltage values are available on request
Example: PCA-10-700V-CD
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