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June 22-25, 2015
Hall B1, Stand 314
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Pockels cell drivers
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Q-Sw Er:Glass
Flashlamp pumped solid-state lasers
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Diode lasers
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DPSS lasers

Q-switched diode-pumped Er:Glass lasers


The following modifications are available:

  • DQ-1535-2/3 - 1535nm wavelength, 2mJ pulse energy, 3Hz rep.rate
  • DQ-1535-4/3 - 1535nm wavelength, 4mJ pulse energy, 3Hz rep.rate
  • DQ-1535-6/3 - 1535nm wavelength, 6mJ pulse energy, 3Hz rep.rate
  • DQ-1535-20/20 - 1535nm wavelength, 20mJ pulse energy, 20Hz rep.rate ( download PDF datasheet)
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