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Simmer supplies

SBZ-2008 flashlamp simmer supply


  • Flashlamp lifetime and stability increasing


  • 800 mA simmer current
  • Up to 1350 V open circuit voltage
  • Up to 70 W output
  • Hard environment operation
  • "Quiet" afterpulse period
SBZ-2008 flashlamp simmer supply
 Download PDF user manual


SBZ-2008 flashlamp simmer supply is the device that strikes and maintains low-current discharge in the flashlamp in order to increase lifetime and operation stability of the lamp.

The simmer supply feeds from +24VDC power. All necessary for not only maintaining low-current discharge is embedded into the supply, but for simmer ignition as well: the gas-discharger for high voltage and energy triggering pulse, and the 1350 V open circuit voltage supply. Ignition transformer is not embedded and is available by request.

Simmer current can be adjusted from 300 to 800 mA by internal trimpot, depending on application requirements. In case of current interruption automatic restrikes with approximately 30 Hz repetition rate start until the restoring of discharge.

The supply can be built in laser systems with serial or external triggering without changes.


Voltage 24V +/- 7V DC
Voltage up to 200 V
  (depends on flashlamp type)
Open circuit voltage up to 1350 V
Current 300-800 mA
Average power 70 W
Efficiency 85% (typical)
Triggering Parameters:
Voltage 1000 V
Pulse width 1 us
Pulse energy 110 mJ
Restrike rate approx. 30 Hz
Protection Turn on with short circuit
Cooling Convective
Operation temperature -20 +45 C
Storage temperature -40 +85 C
Humidity 90 %, non-condensing
Size (LxWxH)170x84x38 mm
Weight 0.2 kg


24V +/- 7V input voltage and wide ambient temperature range allow the use of the supply in onboard laser systems and field applications. Special option of "quiet" period after the flashlamp pulse decreases the level of electromagnetic noise that is important in laser-based measuring devices.

Special version of the supply for medical applications is also available. We guarantee low EMI and leakage current for that version.

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