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Pockels cell drivers

QBU-BT-series bench-top Pockels cell drivers


  • Q-switching
  • Pulse slicing


  • Extremely flexible solution
  • Push-up and pull-down schemes
  • Up to 6 kV output voltage
  • Up to 100 kHz repetition rate
QBU-BT-series Pockels cell drivers
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QBU-BT-series consist of five Pockels cell drivers differ with their output voltage range (see also How to order? section) and covering range up to 6.0 kV.

Modules allow operations in three different modes (pull down scheme (= normally on), push up scheme (= normally off) and external synchronization mode (= repetition of external low voltage signal)) and therefore suit ideally for the laboratory usage.

High repetition rates and fast transition times are additional benefits.


For QBU-BT-5020 continuously operated in internal synchronization mode we warrant the performance table as follows:
11 pF load capacitance
Voltage, kV 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0
Max. rep. rate, kHz
56 40 31 24 18 15 12
23 pF load capacitance
Voltage, kV 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0
Max. rep. rate, kHz
45 32 24 18 14 12 9

External synchronization mode shows usually a little higher performance.

In the burst-mode (= short time operations) performance is increasing approximately twice and may achieve 100 kHz value at low operating voltages and load capacitance.

High load capacitance decreases the performance.


Voltage 110/230 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Current 1 A max
Working modes Pull-down scheme,
push-up scheme,
repetition of external signal
Voltage, high level regulated, up to 6 kV 1
Voltage, low level fixed, 0 V
Pulse width 1 us - DC
Repetition rate up to 50 kHz (CW), up to 100 kHz (burst-mode) 1
Rise time < 20 ns 2
Fall time < 20 ns 2
Jitter 10 ns (1 ns in LJ-modification)
Delay time 1 us (100 ns in LJ-modification)
Load capacitance up to 0.5 nF 1
Operation temperature 0 +40 C
Storage temperature -20 +60 C
Humidity 90 %, non-condensing
Size (LxWxH) 225x200x60 mm
Weight 2 kg
1 These parameters aren't indepenent and cannot achieve their maximum at the same time...
2 10-90% level; warranted at load capacitance 23 pF and below...

 How to order?

Model * Description
QBU-BT-6024 2.4-6 kV output voltage high level adjustment range
QBU-BT-5020 2.0-5 kV output voltage high level adjustment range
QBU-BT-4016 1.6-4 kV output voltage high level adjustment range
QBU-BT-3012 1.2-3 kV output voltage high level adjustment range
QBU-BT-2008 0.8-2 kV output voltage high level adjustment range
Option ** Description
-LJ Low-jitter modification
-SP Short pulse modification (pulse width downto 100ns)
* select one
** select any q-ty of options or none
Example: QBU-BT-4016-LJ
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