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June 22-25, 2015
Hall B1, Stand 314
  Flashlamp pumping
Flashlamp drivers
Capacitor chargers
Discharge circuits
Simmer supplies
  Pockels cell driving
Pockels cell drivers
Pockels cell driver boards
High voltage switches
Pulse picker and regen amplifier drivers
  Diode pumping
Laser diode controllers
CW laser diode drivers
Pulsed laser diode drivers
TEC controllers
DPSS lasers
Flashlamp pumped solid-state lasers
OEM laser heads
Diode lasers
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Your custom laser power supply
Your custom laser power supply

We can offer you the widest range of custom laser power supplies: from flashlamp to diode, from low-power to high-power, from turn-key solutions to oem-modules.

This service may be provided without any R&D charges

Just request us...

Research & Development Services
Research & Development services We can offer you our R&D-services in the following fields:
  • high voltage products including Pockels cell drivers, high voltage pulse generators, high voltage power supples etc
  • other laser electronics from capacitor charging power supplies to laser diode drivers
  • ultra-compact flashlamp-pumped laser heads for medical applications
Contract manufacturing
contract manufacturing servicas Our manufacturing services are always open for you. Any kind of similar electronical or optical product may be manufactured, tuned, tested and delivered to you.
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