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NBD-0505-PWM discharge circuit

NBD-0505-PWM is a discharge circuit with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology implemented. It forms on the flashlamp true-rectangular pulses with the characteristics as below:

  • Flashlamp voltage - up to 500 V
  • Flashlamp current - up to 500 A
  • Pulse width - from 1 ms to 100 ms
  • Max. average power - 2 kW

Module includes embedded inductance coil (80uH) and small capacitor bank (2mF/800V) as well as simmering and triggering circuits.

Free-discharge functionality with 800V/800A characteristics is also available either as a separate output (by default) or as an operating regime (on request).


Download user manual (4.9MB)

NBD-0505-PWM discharge circuit is designed for use in high power IPL and long pulse Nd:YAG, KTP, Alexandrite laser systems. Module forms flashlamp pulses of rectangular or quasi-rectangular shape using the energy stored in external capacitors bank. Module includes IGBT, its driver, protective circuits, simmering and triggering circuits, discharge resistors and controls.

The unique feature is advanced current control (PWM), which makes true rectangular pulses possible (see picture below for a typical waveform).


Let us emphase, NBD-0505-PWM is not a stand-alone solution. For proper operations it requires capacitor charging power supply and capacitor bank as well as some minor parts and controls (see also the picture below).



Low voltage
+24 VDC
High voltage
Capacitor bank connection
Note: module already embeds 2mF/800V capacitor bank

Output #1 (PWM):

Max. voltage
500 V
Max. current
500 A
Max. average power
2 kW
Pulse width
1 ms to 100 ms
Embedded inductance coil
80 uH

Output #2 (Free discharge):

Max. voltage
800 V
Max. current
800 A
Max. average power
2 kW
Pulse width
50 us to 10 ms (other on request)

Simmer parameters:

up to 300 V
Open circuit voltage
about 1500 V
300-800 mA (500 mA by default)

Triggering parameters:

Triggering method
Serial only by default
Parallel or both on request
Serial - 10kV/~160mJ negative to L-
Parallel, on request - 350V/~20mJ negative to EXT connector
Pulse width
~1 us
Restrike rate
a few Hz (automatically adjusted)


Operation temperature
0 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
275x260x145 mm
5.0 kg
    On request the next options are available:
  • High power / current / voltage IGBT with extended parameters
  • Digital RS-232 / RS-485 interface
  • Different cables
  • Different simmering and/or triggering parameters

Modifications by flashlamp triggering type

NBD-0505-PWM discharge circuit with two outputs - one for true-rectangular pulses (PWM), the other for quasi-rectangular pulses (Free discharge)


NBU-0505-PWM discharge circuit with one output, but two regimes of operations, one with true-rectangular pulses (PWM), the other with quasi-rectangular pulses (Free discharge)

Download user manual (4.9MB)