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FLD-4U flashlamp driver

FLD-4U is a series of flashlamp drivers (laser power supplies) for pulsed flashlamp pumped solid-state lasers (Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Alexandrite etc):

  • Pulsed output, variable pulse width
  • Partial discharge scheme (complete discharge as an option)
  • Up to 3.5 kW output power
  • Up to 1350 V max. output voltage
  • Display/touchscreen based user interface + RS-232 machine interface
  • Embedded Pockels cell driver as an option


Download user manual (490kB)

FLD-4U is a family of flashlamp drivers (syn. laser power supplies) for pulsed flashlamp pumped solid-state lasers such as Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Alexandrite etc.

FLD-4U drivers are all-in-one solutions and embed all the neccessary subsystems - capacitor bank, capacitor charging power supply, simmer supply and discharge circuit (discharge circuits).

FLD-4U can be equipped with up to two output channels and up to two flashlamps connected in series can be connected to the every output. In that way each FLD-4U is able to drive up to four flashlamps.

Drivers are 19''-rack mounted. Height is 4U, depth is around 400mm.

All the important parameters - output voltage, pulse width and pulse repetition rate and others - can be adjusted via front panel user interface (7'' colour display and touch panel) and RS-232 machine interface.

01 activated channel.jpg


230 VAC (110/230 VAC on request)


Number of driven flashlamps
1 or 2 (outputs aren't independent and can work with identical parameters only)
Output type
pulsed, variable pulse width
partial discharge, quasi-rectangular pulse shape
Max. output voltage
450/700/900 V (other on request)
Max. output power
1.75/2.0/3.5 kW
Pulse width
0.1-20 ms (other on request)
Repetition rate
1-50 Hz (other on request)


overvoltage, overheating,
flashlamp breakdown, interlock etc
forced air (built-in fans)
Simmer supply
serial or parallel
Capacitor charger
PCP-17, PCA-20 or two PCP-17 connected in parallel
Embedded capacitor bank
28000 uF / 450 V, or
10000 uF / 700 V, or
7000 uF / 900 V (others on request)
External capacitor bank
extension slot
- 7'' display, touch panel
- RS-232 (full control)
- 1x synchro input
- 2x synchro outputs
- 1x power input
- 1x or 2x flashlamp outputs
- 1x capacitor bank extension slot
- 1x footswitch/fingerswitch connector
- 1x interlock-door connector


Operation temperature
0 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
90%, non-condensing


Size (WxDxH)
500x380x172 mm
10-12 kg (in dependence on configuration)

A lot of options is available:

  • number of outputs - one of two channel modifications (although channels aren't independent)
  • different output voltages (up to 1350 V)
  • different output powers (up to 3500 W)
  • different parameters adjustment ranges
  • serial or parallel triggering
  • interfaces - display/touchscreen based user interface is supplied by default
  • Pockels cell driver as an option
  • modifications with complete discharge could be discussed

Besides drivers can be equipped with external capacitor banks units with the possible capacitances up to:
- 112000 uF / 450 V
- 80000 uF / 700 V
- 28000 uF / 900 V


Since FLD-4U is a very flexible configured product, a typical procedure of ordering looks like described below:

  1. Download and read the user manual
  2. Let us know all the essential parameters of the flashlamp and flashlamp driver, namely:
    - flashlamp type, datasheet or drawing, filling, arc length, bore, K0
    - working regime/regimes - pulse voltage, pulse width, pulse repetition rate
    - other requirements - to capacitor bank capacitance, to voltage droop during the pulse, to interfaces, synchronizations and so on
  3. Get our confirmation and place your order

Some standard configurations:

2 output channels,
maximal output voltage 450 V,
maximal output power 3.5 kW (2 pcs PCP-17-450V-PD),
embedded capacitor bank 28000 uF,
7'' display/touch panel user interface
2 output channels,
maximal output voltage 700 V,
maximal output power 3.5 kW (2 pcs PCP-17-700V-PD),
embedded capacitor bank 10000 uF,
7'' display/touch panel user interface
2 output channels,
maximal output voltage 900 V,
maximal output power 3.5 kW (2 pcs PCP-17-900V-PD),
embedded capacitor bank 7000 uF,
7'' display/touch panel user interface

Download user manual (490kB)