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FL-KIT developer kit


  • Flashlamp driving (lasers and IPL)


  • Capacitor charging power supply of PCA-series (1kW, 2kW or 4kW)
  • Capacitor bank combined of boards of CB-series
  • One or two discharge circuits (NBU-1012)
  • LSCB controlling board (RS-232 interface)
  • PC software
  • Auxiliary power supplies, interconnective cables etc.

FL-KIT is an extended sets of parts needed to quickly develop and launch your laser (e.g. Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, CTH:YAG, Alexandrite) or IPL system.

Standardly it includes:

  1. Medical grade capacitor charger of PCA-series
  2. Capacitor bank assembled of boards of CB-series
  3. One or two NBU-1012 discharge circuits
  4. LSCB controlling board
  5. PC software
  6. Auxiliary parts (power supplies, interconnective cables etc.)

Since all parts offered are standard and produced in q-ty, high reliability, the absence of certification issues and good pricing are the further advantages of FL-KITs.


Download user manual for LSCB controller board and PC software (2.7Mb)

pca-10-manual-en.pdf, pca-20-manual-en.pdf, pca-40-manual-en.pdf

Download user manuals for PCA-series capacitor chargers


Download user manual for NBU-1012 discharge circuit (3.1Mb)


Download FL-KIT first run guide (0.7Mb)