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HVSW-04 Pockels cell driver


  • Pulse picking
  • Cavity damping
  • Regenerative amplifier control


  • Up to 4.0 kV output voltage
  • Up to 4MHz repetition rate (at 1.6kV voltage)
  • Up to 1MHz repetition rate (at 3.2kV voltage)
  • 5-7ns rise time and fall time
  • Requires external HV power supply (e.g. HVPS-300)
  • Short pulse (10-15ns, fixed) and Long pulse (100-2000ns, adjustable) modes of operations

Download user manual (1.0Mb)

HVSW-04 is a dedicated Pockels cell driver for pico- and femtosecond lasers. On customer's choice driver produces high voltage pulses either of short (about 10-15ns) or of long pulse width (100-2000ns typically, other on request).


Maximal output voltage is 4kV, maximal repetition rate is 1-4MHz (in dependence on output voltage). Driver's input is HV DC i.e. it requires a separate DC high voltage power supply with bipolar output (e.g. HVPS-300 power supply by us). Driver is water cooled.

Base interface is RS-485. PC software is available for lab purposes.



Download user manual (1.0Mb)


Download user manual for suggested high voltage power supply (1.5Mb)