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PP-CONTROL synchronization board


  • Pulse picking
  • Regenerative amplifier control


  • 1x optical synchro input
  • 1x electrical synchro input
  • 2x independent synchro outputs
  • > 1000 ns adjustable delay in each channel (depends on input train rep.rate)
  • +/- 250 ps jitter
  • USB, RS-485 interfaces

Download user manual (1.4Mb)

PP-CONTROL has an input (optical and electrical) and two outputs. Board's main purpose is to produce output pulses precisely aligned relatively to the input pulses.

Input pulses are typically of 10MHz - 100MHz repetition rate. Output repetition rate is from single pulses to 1MHz.

The board was designed for pulse picking applications and regenerative amplifier control. The supposed use is laboratory.


Download user manual (1.4Mb)